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To support Estrine Museum at Saint Remy de Provence

Since its creation the musée Estrine is run by a non profit association for general interest. The function of the museum, conservation and the extension of its collection, education service and temporary exhibitions is financed in part by public funds and in part by its own resources; ticket office and patronage under the control of an external auditor.

By becoming « Friends of the Musée Estrine » individuals or businesses can actively participate in the life of the museum and help it to carry out projects that would not have happened without their support.

Private Donors

Your contribution, however modest, can help in the conservation of a public heritage and to our cultural, educational and social programm :

  • – you can join us by becoming a “friend” of the museum
  • – you can make a donation or sponsor an artistic project (exhibition, catalogue etc)

How to make a donation ?

Send a donation and the form to download to the Musée Estrine, 18 rue Lucien Estrine, 13210 Saint Remy de Provence. The cheque made out to ‘Amis du Musée Estrine’.

You will receive by mail a receipt for a Fiscal reduction on tax of 66% of the donation. For example a donation of 100 euros will really be 34 euros.

Companies and Corporations

You can give up to 0.5% of your turnover and benefit from a tax deduction of 60% of the amount. You will receive by return post a fiscal receipt corresponding to your donation