Gilles Aillaud

30/05/2015 - 30/08/2015

This monographic exhibition is the first largest retrospective devoted to Gilles Aillaud since his premature death in 2005.

Three institutions from three different regions, the Musée des Beaux Arts de Rennes, the Musée Estrine and the FRAC Auvergne wished to be associated to help rediscover the paintings of this genius artist and therefore participated in helping him to have his rightful place in the history of art.

Thanks to the loans from large French and European Institutions, private collections from friends and family, this exhibition reunites more than 80 works of art stretching over 40 years, not only the paintings of Gilles Aillaud as he was also a designer, engraver, set designer, writer and poet.

The work of Gilles Aillaud can be divided into two parts. The first part portrayed animals in captivity, the second part, which came later, was devoted to the countryside and the animals roaming free. His caged animals seem to disappear into their environment, hidden by walls and cages or within the movement of water. The technical ability within these large paintings is fascinating.

In his later works - Greek and African countrysides - he had a tendancy to strip away the principles of watercolour, offering a diluted material, vaporous almost evanescent.

« When I paint, I only look to say something, going deeply into the way of painting to define more precisely, more insistantly the words'»
Gilles Aillaud