Centre of Interpretation of Van Gogh

Understand the contribution by Vincent van Gogh in modern and contemporary art

musée Estrine

Since its creation the Musée Estrine has paid tribute to the considerable contribution by Vincent Van Gogh to modern and contemporary art of which the museum is dedicated to. The name of the association responsible for the development of the museum, the creation of the centre of interpretation and to the painter and his work is ‘Présence Van Gogh’.

During the year when Vincent van Gogh was treated at the Hospice of Saint Paul de Mausole (May 1889 to May 1890), he created a number of drawings and almost 150 paintings which were all masterpieces. It is without doubt that the genius Dutch artist reached his full potential in Saint Remy de Provence.

The countryside of Saint Remy and the foothills of the Alpilles remain the same today as Vincent discovered more than a century ago.

A recent chance to increase the size of the museum has just been realised in Saint Remy de Provence, the centre of interpretation has grown and been modernised by the museum.

It offers a deep perspective into the world of Vincent Van Gogh, his career as a painter, writer, a demanding man, an erudite person curious for discoveries, lover of art and literature.



Van Gogh Saint Rémy

The centre of Interpretation of Vincent van Gogh at the Musée Estrine is included in the walking tours proposed by the town of Saint Remy de Provence at the heart of the countryside that inspired the painter :

- Saint-Paul de Mausole has taken great care to recreate a privileged insight into the universe where Vincent van Gogh lived during his stay in Saint Remy de Provence

The Tourist Office offers a free guided tour.

Van Gogh Europe

The Musée Estrine is part of Van Gogh Europe, a vast European project associating places and museums concerned with the life and work of the painter.

The objectives of the Partners of Van Gogh Europe are to value the life and works of art of Van Gogh by developing cultural, educational and touristic projects of the highest quality.